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Guidance Document: Special Education Evaluations & Virtual Assessment During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

COVID-19 Resources Links

In an effort to facilitate easy access to Coronavirus resources and information, CSSP has collected links and information for various stakeholders below.

General Resources

CDE Webinars

  • Grief & Anxiety Webinar In this time of COVD19, the potential for anticipatory grief is high. This Webinar will explore anticipatory grief in the context the Grief and Growth Cycle. The Grief Cycle's relationship to resiliency and coping strategies will be explored, providing actions steps that can be taken to support the journey through the grief cycle.
  • Remote Learning Instructional Strategies This video addresses instructional strategies and supports that can be implemented in the home setting for remote learning. Multiple options for both proactive and responsive strategies are shared as suggestions for application across grade levels. Examples of the challenges addressed include difficulty focusing or understanding assignment prompts and the impact of social isolation on functioning. Throughout the video, ideas for families to prevent or remedy these challenges are addressed. 
  • Direct Behavior Rating This video will provide an overview of Direct Behavior Rating (DBR), specifically with a focus on the use of this process for behavioral data collection in remote learning. The process of DBR will be discussed in a step-by-step format and the applications for remote learning will be addressed. The video will also address goal setting and progress monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan in place. Viewers will be able to identify options for DBR as a behavioral data tracking tool across grade levels and school settings.

Resources for Practitioners:

Resources for Supervisors:
Resources for Interns:

    Resources for Practicum Students:

    Resources for Trainers:

    Helpful Links

    The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) represents and supports the profession of school psychology by advancing effective practices to improve students' learning, behavior and mental health, and by maintaining essential standards for ethics and practice.

    The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Through setting a clear vision for increasing student performance, CDE continually supports the advancement and improvement of the state’s education system to prepare all learners for success in a rapidly changing global workplace.

    The goal of Division 16 of the American Psychological Association (APA) is the enhancement of the status of children, youth, and adults as learners and productive citizens in schools, families, and communities.

    Second Wind Fund (SWF) believes that every child and youth at risk of suicide should have access to the mental health treatment they need. SWF matches Colorado children and youth at risk for suicide with licensed therapists in their communities and will pay for up to 12 sessions of therapy.

    The mission of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) is to raise the standard of care and improve access to services for traumatized children, their families and communities throughout the United States.

    Interested in policy and advocacy? Check out the NASP Policy Action Center and see how you can get involved and advocate for kids, schools, and the field of school psychology!

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